I was 400lbs. I am now 175. It took 3 and a half years and along the way I learned a thing or two: gotchas, obstacles, new realities, and some strategies that helped. Here are a few.

... 'Till the Last Drop

... 'Till the Last Drop

And that's pretty much it, really. 6 years ago I made a course adjustment in my life. It led me down a path that diverged ever more over the years from my original trajectory (thankfully!). Along the way I ran into so many gotchas, learned many tough lessons, ultimately reaped a greater reward, and finally told the tale. I guess it's time to ride into the sunset, right?

Well, of course not. Like I've said too many times, this is a lifelong process. While I've written about what I've learned, there's still much to learn. So much to work on.

I've got a couple of "action items" that I'm still trying to address. And these are pretty personal. Not only are they difficult to deal with, they're pretty difficult to talk about. It's no coincidence that they haven't been "solved" yet. Maybe that's why I've been so repetitive. I was just subconsciously dragging my feet getting to these topics.


The first is that my relationship with food is still in the "it's complicated" category. I may have alluded to this in earlier posts. To reiterate and to pull the blinders off, the extreme strictness that I adhere to during the week leads to some pretty unhealthy habits on the weekend. I won't go into details, but it's not something I'm proud of or is sustainable in the long run. And has so far shown to be something that I've not been able to address myself. I have a tendency to go overboard on the ol' "cheat meal" and sometimes it can get out of hand. I've gotten much better over the last couple years with this, but there's still a ways to go; the thought of it still occupies an unhealthy amount of real estate in my mind during the week. I hate obsessing over it. And at this point I'm looking at professional help to make progress.

The second has to do with the after-effects of shrinking by 2/3rds. That skin was taxed more than it could take. It's NOT going to recover. So, again, going to need professional help there. The only thing I have to do with this is to save up a big bundle of cash, since I'll need to do the full "body contouring" procedure(s) (google at your own peril). And, although I have enough skin that I could reupholster a loveseat with my lovehandles, my insurance insists that such a procedure is "elective". Sure, elective. Never being able to go shirtless. Being seriously uncomfortable during various physical activities. I'm just like someone electively trying to get those Angelina Jolie lips.

As for this blog, well I payed for a year in advance so I still have 6 months even if I decide not to do anything else with it. But you know me! I just love love love to go on. And on. The posts may no longer be weekly, may no longer be consistent, but as my journey continues so will the blog. New developments, new gotchas, new lessons learned, interesting articles, latest medical developments that pique my interest; this is where I'll put them. 

Additionally, I hope that you'll view this as a safe place for questions, comments, and discussion. There's a lot of us out there working on the same things. I hope my experiences help to pull someone else along.

So what are you working on? What's your current bugaboo giving you grief? Let's commiserate and travel this road together.

Until next time!

Your Mileage May Vary

Your Mileage May Vary